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Growing since 1992. Tradition, experience and modernism.

Fruit and Veg across borders

Carmo & Silvério was born when two friends and brothers in law – Horácio do Carmo and António José Silvério – founded the company with the purpouse of selling the production of two parishes in Torres Vedras at the Lisbon Market (MARL – Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa) and posteriorly, from the producers of the Póvoa de Varzim to the Porto Market.

In 2004 we created the first vegetable auction in Portugal, mirroring what was already done in Spain, opening the doors to the export market. In 2010 growers joined the company as shareholders and two years later we were recognized as a growers organization. In 2015, we also started to work in fruit, opening the commercialization to other foreign markets. Nowadays, with the entry of Grupo Caparrós as a shareholder, it has further expanded the national and international market.

Is our production area, 200ha of which are fruits and 100ha are vegetables.

Export represents the majority of our activity.

Coldstorage space.

Our business volume, with production of 10 130 tons of fruit and veg, of which 7064 are veg.
Currently we dedicate ourselves to the storage, distribution and trading of fruit and veg to the national and international market, and we have as shareholders some of the biggest growers in Portugal.

We are a certified company that is always after a new challenge and were pioneers, in Portugal, in the vegetable auction and in the production with hydroponics in pots, with high tech and modern greenhouses for the time (2001) with ventilation and fertirrigation, deficiency or excess nutrient control, pest and disease detection and control. We also train our growers and help them to become more efficient and produce with high quality, so all the chain can be successful.


Over Time, with the purpose to fulfil the needs of the most demanding markets we work in an organized fashion, focusing on food health and safety and we stay close to our growers, guarantying that only top quality produce reaches the market.

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We are based 50km north of Lisbon, near A-Dos-Cunhados, Torres Vedras, Portugal.