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Supply and demand happens here.

Auctions in the West

Carmo & Silvério was the pioneer in the introduction of the vegetable auction system in Portugal, known as Leilões do Oeste (Auctions in the west). Based on a model used internationally, adaptations were made to meet the national needs and the first auction was performed in 2004.
The auction is based at Carmo & Silvério pack house, has a commercial representative responsible for the sales that spends all day trading. Here you can find growers and buyers, making these great sharing moments. The proximity and the cooperation that is created give an interesting dynamic to the west region, and all parties are benefited.
Some sell, others bid and buy, information and strategies are shared, and this way the market demands are met. At this moment there are only four active auctions in the country.

This is a great way to move produce at a fair price and buy it according to the law of supply and demand. It is a good alternative to the mass distribution, not just for the buyers but also for the growers. Everything can change from one day to the next: price, available quantities and the markets demand.

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We are based 50km north of Lisbon, near A-Dos-Cunhados, Torres Vedras, Portugal.